fredag 26. desember 2014


Everything depends on upbringing. 
(Leo Tolstoy)

mandag 10. november 2014


These massive roots afford a seat,
Which seems for weary travellers made.
There rest. The air is soft and sweet
In this sequestered forest glade,
And there are scents of flowers around,
The evening dew draws from the ground;
How soothingly they spread!

(Charlotte Brontë)

søndag 2. november 2014

Stille vann

Stillest vann har dypest grunn 

onsdag 15. oktober 2014


And sleep, that sometime shuts up sorrow's eye,
 Steal me awhile from mine own company.
(William Shakespeare)

onsdag 8. oktober 2014


Nu farer en høst over Herrens jord.
(Knut Hamsun)

onsdag 24. september 2014


Det drømmer et regn mot ruten,
en stille, unnselig larm
av vannet som varsomt lister
seg ned langs min vinduskarm.

(Andrè Bjerke)

onsdag 17. september 2014


Life is what happens 
while you are busy
making other plans.
(John Lennon)

søndag 7. september 2014

The Pier

A pier is a disappointed bridge.
(Julian Barnes)

tirsdag 26. august 2014

The Lighthouse

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
(Desmond Tutu)

søndag 10. august 2014


Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier 'n puttin' it back in.
(Will Rogers)